Joe Barker’s “Professional” Life
Welcome to my Professional Life -  joseph m. barker, PE, MBA, Dip. Esp.
I hope to present a little of my life as a professional manager, president, engineer, inspector, consultant, pilot, racer, translator, writer, entrepreneur,  and adventurer.  I have worked in a variety of positions both professional and vocational.  My education, experience, certification,  desire and  passion to make a propitious contribution to your organization is demonstrated by the successful upstart and operation of my companies, Western Weltek, Inc. and Weltek Services, Inc. to become the leaders in their field.
I thrive on challenge and ingenuity to find solutions for special problems that require technical analysis.  I love to work with people and use the synergism of cooperative team efforts to find opportunistic resolutions for your organization’s goals and objectives. - jb
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